3 Bangladeshis involved in dacoity cases arrested

New Delhi [India], May 4 (ANI): The Delhi Police on Saturday claimed to have arrested three Bangladeshi nationals, who were suspected to be involved in several cases of dacoity.
Two country-made firearms with four live cartridges and two Bangladeshi passports have been recovered from them by the police. “The three accused — Kamrul, Sahidul and Nazrul and others committed crimes in several parts of the country. After committing the crime, the gang used to fled to Bangladesh and returned to India again after some time,” said Ram Gopal Naik, DCP, Crime Branch.
“With the arrest of these three accused, five cases of dacoity in different states have been solved while more involvements of the gang in committing such crimes in India is expected to be unearthed during further investigation,” he added.
Incidents of dacoity were reported in cities like Bhubaneswar, Dharwad, Lucknow, Agra, Bangalore, and Goa.
“All the incidents took place in late nights committed by a gang of seven to eight members. The gang used to enter inside the house by cutting the window grill, overpower all the members of house at gunpoint or knife and commit the crime,” Naik said.
An STF team worked on these cases after going through the modus operandi and established the fact that these crimes were committed by criminals from Bangladesh.
“During interrogation, it was revealed that all the accused are Bangladeshi nationals and were involved in many incidents of dacoity and robbery across the country. All the three accused were previously convicted in many cases in Delhi-NCR region,” Naik said.
Kamrul and Sahidul entered India by their passports, Nazrul illegally entered the country.
“As per records of their passport, Kamrul had visited India eight times since July 2017 and Sahidul entered India thrice. Other gang members also entered the country with the help of their passports and some entered illegally. The accused obtained a visa through an agent. Nazrul illegally entered India through a broker in Bangladesh after paying Rs 5,000,” Naik said.
The accused mostly resided in and around railway stations or in the forested areas of the cities. After committing the crime, the gang immediately leaves that city and return to Bangladesh. (ANI)

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