Casio produces eco-friendly projectors with LEDs

Bangkok [Thailand], May 3 (ANI): In a bid to make classrooms more eco-friendly, Casio has developed a projector with LEDs which has excellent environmental and economic operability.
Projectors have been used in classes for a long time as an indispensable educational tool to learn more efficiently and extensively. The technology used in the projector before was based on a normal light bulb, but now LED is being used. The eco-friendly projector is based on technology that takes into consideration both health and the environment.
Bangkok’s Assumption University is one of the leading universities in the study of the natural environment, which has deployed the eco-friendly projectors. Most of the classrooms now use LED projectors manufactured by Casio.
“Previously projector was working using fluorescent light. So it contained a handful of chemicals and they are difficult to eliminate. Thailand government drives the movement to use green technology in every department especially in the educational organizations. So Assumption University is very welcoming the use of green technology,” Athiphat Hirunadijuan from the university said.
Casio’s own projector evolved to “Laser & LED Hybrid light source”. CASIO was the first manufacturer that developed mercury zero in all projectors.
Dr Pratit Santiprabhob from Assumption University enumerated the uses of a projector in a classroom, outlining how Casio’s latest eco-friendly projector helps them in being more environment-friendly.
“Using projector makes it easier to watch and follow the lecturer. The contents can be prepared by the lecturer or the students who want to bring the contents for discussion through the projector. And from our part to embrace the environmental problem especially for technology that we are responsible for, we go through the refreshment cycle to replace the equipment we have. We try to select technology that uses less energy, for example, the new projector is better than the old projector that used LCD panel and consumed a lot of energy,” he said.
The use of LED technology in the projector expedites booting as well.
“With our Casio projector, we aim to sell it in every part of Thailand. The first priority of our product is education. That is the main point of our product and it is also easy to use by the end user,” said Ajcharinthorn Rujiarriyasasikul from Casio Marketing in Thailand.
In order to avoid the use of mercury and waste, CASIO continues to be the world’s leading pioneer in the next generation of projectors. (ANI)

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