Delhi police claimed their investigation into Jamia incident and NE violence is impartial

All arrests made in connection with the Jamia violence and northeast riots were impartial and based on technical evidence," Delhi police today claimed in a tweet.


Abhishek Byahut

New Delhi

The Delhi Police on Monday refuted allegation over their handling of the violence at the Jamia Millia Islamia University in December and in North East Delhi in February, and claimed that their investigation is impartial.

“All arrests made in connection with the Jamia violence and northeast riots were impartial and based on technical evidence,” Delhi police today claimed in a tweet.

Delhi police’s reaction came today after some lawyers and activists alleged that police are handling the cases partially.

“While investigating Jamia and northeast riots, Delhi Police has done its job sincerely and impartially. All the arrests made have been based on scientific and forensic evidence, including video footages, technical and other footprints,” the tweet added.

Police also said that they were committed to upholding the law and bring the conspirators and culprits to justice.

“It will not be deterred by the false propaganda and rumours floated by some vested elements who try to twist facts to their convenience,” the tweet added.

Violent clashes had broken out in North East Delhi in February this year that claimed at least 53 lives and left injured hundreds.

Last year in December, police had allegedly entered the Jamia Millia Islamia campus after protests over the Citizenship (Amendment Act), being held a few metres away from the university, turned violent.

Violent clashes had occured after the protest march. Buses were set on fire, several students and police officers were injured. The police were blamed for using excessive force to quell the demonstrators and storming into the campus. The police later had claimed its action was justified as the protestors had allegedly injured its personnel and set buses on fire.

More than 800 arrests were made by Delhi police in connection with the northeast riots.

Critics and Opposition leaders had condemned the Delhi police for its alleged ‘poor handling’ of the communal clashes that ripped apart North East Delhi.

On 2 April, Delhi Police arrested Meeran Haider, a PhD student of the university for allegedly conspiring to instigate violence in Delhi.

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