EC holds meeting of Multi Departmental Committee on Election Intelligence

New Delhi [India], Mar 15 (ANI): The Election Commission of India on Friday held a meeting of the Multi Departmental Committee on Election Intelligence. Heads of Tax Boards, law enforcement agencies, central paramilitary forces and representatives of financial institutions attended the meeting.
Addressing the meeting, Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora said it is the constitutional mandate of the electoral body to conduct free and fair elections. Conducting clean elections is now one of the biggest challenges in democracy given the prevalent abuse of money power, particularly when it manifests into inducement of voters, read a statement from the Election Commission. Arora said the commission is determined to curb this menace and has issued detailed guidelines to monitor election expenditure incurred by candidates and political parties. The expenditure monitoring mechanism has got stronger over a period of time and larger seizures have been made by our enforcement teams in successive elections.
During the meeting, Election Commissioner Ashok Lavasa pointed out that the implementation on the field of instructions of the Commission requires coordination among the various expenditure monitoring teams and the agencies tasked with enforcement.
“Sharing of Intelligence amongst the agencies should ensure that there is concerted attack on problems faced. He noted that multidimensional, multi-fanged crime needs to be tackled with coordinated action. He reminded the agencies that due to follow-up action on seizures done in previous MCC phase should see demonstrative action against anti-social elements enough to feel deterred next time. He emphasised that mischief mongers are ever devising more ingenious ways to beat the system,” the statement read.
Meanwhile, Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra highlighted that election expenditure monitoring mechanism with its two thrust areas of keeping track of the legal expenditure incurred by candidates and political parties for election campaigns, and more importantly, ensuring that there is no illegal use of money and other items for buying of votes, is vital to ensure clean elections.
“Use of money during the elections has increased by leaps and bounds in recent times and therefore there is greater need to have synergy amongst various enforcement agencies so that a collective strategy is developed to fight this menace. The Commission desires that all enforcement agencies should have proper sharing of information for taking coordinated action rather than working in silos,” the statement added.
The issues discussed at the meeting included ways of curbing of covert expenditure by candidates and political parties; sensitisation of the law enforcement agencies about their role during elections; cooperation and sharing of intelligence of economic offences amongst law enforcement agencies for effective action; preparation of road map for action during the elections; mapping of constituencies by concerned agencies to check transportation of smuggled goods, drugs, liquor and cash, including fake currency, through seaports, inter-state borders and international borders and pro-active and preventive action by each law enforcement agency.
The Heads of tax boards, law enforcement agencies, central paramilitary forces and representatives of financial institutions assured the commission of prompt 24X7 expenditure monitoring and surveillance action and implementation of instructions to ensure curbing of abuse of money power in elections.
The senior officers, who attended the meeting included P.C. Mody, Chairperson and Member (Inv.), CBDT; Pranab Kumar Das, Chairman, CBIC; Sanjay Kumar Mishra, IRS, Director, Enforcement Directorate; Mitali Madhusmita, IRS, DG, CEIB; Pankaj Kumar Mishra, IRS, Director, Financial Intelligence Unit-IND; Rajesh Ranjan, IPS,DG, CISF; Rajni Kant Mishra, IPS, DG, BSF; Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar, IPS, DG, CRPF; Kumar Rajesh Chandra, IPS, DG, SSB; Abhay, IPS, DG, NCB; Arun Kumar, IPS, DG, RPF; Sunil Mehta, Chairman, Indian Bank Association; Rakesh Asthana, IPS, DG, BCAS and senior level functionaries from the RBI. (ANI)

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