Every actress’s journey is personal: Shafaq Naaz

Every actress’s journey is personal: Shafaq Naaz

Shafaq Naaz, who is known for playing Kunti in Star Plus’s most popular TV show ‘Mahabharat’, is one of the most popular television actresses, Shafaq Naaz, who has appeared in TV shows like ‘Chidiyaghar’, ‘Kulfi Kumar Bajewala’. And he recently made a lot of headlines for his cameo role in the TV show ‘Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein’, when we had a conversation with Shafaq Naaz during the interview, he shared many interesting things openly:-

You played the character of Mayuri in ‘Chidiya Ghar’ then appeared in TV shows like ‘Lal Ishq, Vikram Baital’, also played an important role in ‘Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein’ show, how much are you enjoying the life of TV and how is it feeling?

I do not believe that acting on the small screen or on the big screen, TV life and film life cannot be divided. For me every platform is the same where artists are getting a chance to perform, everything is equal for them and I have been a part of every good show, so I get a lot of love from the audience and a lot of praise from the audience!

What are you doing apart from TV shows, tell us about your upcoming projects and we hear you are doing big web series too?
There is a different platform in the web series market, so all the same is going on and you have heard right, I am doing a web series but at the moment I cannot talk much about it, I will definitely tell you when the right time comes.!

Television actors have to release daily episodes due to which there is a lot of pressure on the TV actors from the production house, how have you felt the pressure?

The pressure is always on everyone because when you shoot everyday, there are many people, they have coordination, sometimes no artist is available, someone’s health gets worse and when the shoot starts, then there is a lot. When all the practical things come, it takes time, sometimes there is a problem of location and sometimes there is a problem of lighting, but if I tell the truth, then the pressure remains on everyone because if the telecast has to be sent everyday, then the responsibility increases a bit!

Like other actresses, you also like to keep your personal life private, how much do these things benefit in your acting career?
It does not have any advantages and disadvantages, what is it that you are a public figure, you know that people are very interested in your personal life, so they want to know what you do? Who do you live with? With whom are you in life? Who are you dating? So those artists do not hide because they do not want to tell or hide the relationship and when all these things are visible very soon then you become secure, I am also very protective about my friends because people then message them!

You started your career with the TV show ‘Sapna BulBul Ka’, what is the change you are seeing in today’s television as compared to that time?

A lot has changed, all things have changed and the overall industry has changed, things have changed a bit in the matter of script, cameras have improved a lot, whether we shoot on red or used to shoot with other cameras, so many Patterns have changed shows and stories have changed, and television has progressed a lot so that’s a good thing!

You have appeared in more than twenty television shows and also done many films, which project got you the most recognition out of them all?

I have got recognition from television and if I talk about my turning point the most, which happens in my career, it is ‘Mahabharata’. He still has a lot of influence on people, my character and show people still remember and then things happened after Mahabharata!

What are the good and bad things you have seen during your career journey that you can never forget?

I believe every day you learn something, every day you can learn good and bad and good and bad experiences happen and bad experiences teach you the importance of good experiences, so it is important to have bad experiences and I take these things positively today. Whatever I am and will be in the future, I will live by my experience and whatever progress I make, I will do with my experience!

How different has your journey been from other artists?

These journeys are very personal, we just tell and listen to the above things but the journey is very personal so I don’t think I can compare with whom my journey has been different but I think more than I thought the one above has given me more than him!

How is your relationship with social media?

I have a very close connection with social media and I enjoy social media a lot and it is the perfect way to connect with the audience!

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