Exclusive Interview : Payal Ghosh said- It hurts if the movie doesn’t work 

 New Delhi (Dinesh Zala): Payal Ghosh is one such actress.  She made her acting debut in a Bengali film, after that she made a lot of headlines for her role in ‘Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi’ opposite Paresh Rawal, now she is in her upcoming film ‘RED’.  The famous comedian and actor will be seen sharing the screen with Abhishek in the lead role. When we interacted during the interview, she revealed many interesting things.


Tell us about your upcoming film ‘Red’ and which character are you playing in this film?

I have many shades in this film as I am also playing the role of a college girl and housewife in this film, so it is different and has got a lot of scope for performance.


How different was the character of this film from the character you played in your previous film and what new will the audience get to see in your character?

I used to have a lot of personal roles in my previous film, and I have played a variety of roles, but in this film, I have never played such a character, and I am playing such a character for the first time.  Have done a lot of research for the character of this film, so the character of this film is very different from my previous films!


You are sharing the screen for the first time with Krushna Abhishek, and say that he is very funny in real life also how was your Bonding with him?

We have very good bonding, we joke a lot and do not know how we are working, how time passes, how we shoot and our bonding is so good that we do not even give much take, it gets shot immediately!


You entered the acting field at the age of seventeen and have worked with many stars till now. How do you see your journey in Bollywood?

It is quite comfortable, I will not say so because there is a lot of competition, yet we have got very comfortable work and have got a chance to work with other stars like Paresh Rawal and other big artists. And every film I do has well-known actors in them, so this journey has been very good!


Many actresses get confused that they cannot achieve their position in the industry without a godfather, do you have a godfather?

I don’t have any godfather, I only have a father (laughs) I believe in God a lot and my blessings are always with me, I don’t have any godfather, yet in this industry where there is so much competition, how many people in this industry Despite trying to come in, we get films of a good standard.


How do you measure up to the many successes and failures throughout your film career and how much of a difference do they make to you?

According to my efforts, I have never faced failures. And I don’t want words to fail in my mind, I just want to move forward. It hurts if the movie doesn’t work and during that time I get a little sad.


You are also associated with a political party, how difficult is it to fulfill political responsibility with acting like a woman?

I am not very active right now because when I was asked to join the party, I said that I have a film industry job, so I will not be able to remain active, but he said that if I stay, then the rest of the women will be inspired. And I believe in social activity a lot, so I thought that I can help people with this platform, so I joined the party thinking but I am not very active right now because I have to focus on my career right now!

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