Florists witness boom in business on Valentine’s Day

New Delhi [India], Feb 14 (ANI): Putting bundles of fresh red roses in place, local florists across the city are ensuring there is no dearth of flowers for lovers on Valentine’s Day.
Making the most of the demand for roses on the day, flower shop owners were today seen preparing attractive bouquets.

Ismail, a florist, who was seen making a rose bouquet, tod ANI about the increase in the customer flow on the day, especially the demand for roses.
“On a daily basis I keep 10-12 bundles, today for Valentine’s day I’m keeping 30-35 bundles,” Ismail said.
“Today the rate has also been doubled, generally it is around Rs 20-25, today it is Rs 30-40,” the florist further stated.

Addressing the increase in sales, another florist, Muhammad Isreail, told ANI: “Valentine’s day is an important day for us as our sales get increased.” (ANI)

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