Japan hopes UK will avoid no-deal Brexit

Tokyo [Japan], Apr 15 (ANI): Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday expressed hope that the UK will take measures to avoid ‘no deal’ Brexit.
Abe also told British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt that he hopes the Brexit’s impact would be “minimal” on Japanese firms and the global economy. “I hope the UK will not leave the European Union without an agreement,” NHK World quoted Abe, as saying. “I hope that the impact of Brexit on Japanese firms and the global economy will be minimal.”
Abe’s remark came days after European leaders agreed to delay the deadline for the UK’s exit from the European bloc until October 31, with a review in June.
Despite the recent extension, the future of British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal appears bleak.
The British Parliament had rejected May’s Brexit deal thrice. Parliamentarians have also rejected four alternative proposals for the UK’s exit from the EU.
The UK was due to leave on April 12 without a deal. However, the EU called a marathon emergency summit to prevent ‘no deal’ Brexit.
During the summit, the leaders exchanged views on Theresa May’s Brexit deal and held lengthy discussions on the extension to allow more time for the UK to leave the EU without any agreement, CNN reported.
While the British parliament has failed to reach an agreement on the deal, talks between May’s Conservative party and the opposition Labour party have remained futile. (ANI)

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