Leader of Opposition (LOP) in Delhi assembly, Vijender Gupta,

Kejriwal Govt to be squarely blamed for Myapuri faisco says Vijender Gupta

Leader of Opposition (LOP) in Delhi assembly, Vijender Gupta accused CM Kejriwal that why had he been sleeping over NGT'S instructions since 2015.

Abhishek Byahut
New Delhi 
Leader of Opposition (LOP) in Delhi assembly, Vijender Gupta, on Sunday squarely blamed the Kejriwal government for its inaction and inability to find workable solution to the traders’s problems for the last four years in conformity with the directions of the NGT.
Gupta said “Since pollution control is the sole responsibility of his government, he must rise from his slumber and take immediate action to provide relief to the traders by finding lasting solution acceptable to both traders and NGT,”
“The Court had instructed the Government to relocate the scrap industry in Mayapuriin 2015 but CM Kejriwal kept on sleeping over the matter. He allowed the matter to precipitate on the occasion of Baisakhi and Ambedkar Jayanti. The short fuse which Mayapuri traders and authorities had to suffer was totally avoidable,” Gupta further said.
He alleged that Kejriwal committed blunder as he allowed the matter to drag on for so long and did not go to the NGT during the last four years to settle the matter. “As short term measure, he should have requested NGT to allow it to wait till the enforcement of Code of Conduct. The Government failed to take action on both long term and short term basis, ” Vijender Gupta siad.
Leader of Opposition said that the Kejriwal government did not issue notice of action to the traders and straight away decided to act in hurry during the election days. The traders were taken by surprise by sudden action of the Government, particularly during the election days, that too festivals.
“The most atrocious action of the government was to impose fine of Rs 50 lakhs on defaulting units and order DISCOM to disconnect power supply to the defaulting units. The traders are in no position to pay such huge penalty,” said LOP.
Vijender Gupta asked Kejriwal government the following actions to save Mayapuri traders from further distress:
1. Withdrawal of fine of Rs 50 lakhs on the defaulting traders.
2. Order cancellation of power disconnection notice.
3.  Request NGT to allow it to postpone the ceiling till the elections are over.
4. Immediately develop relocation plan to scrap dealers.
5. Relocate traders immediately in consultation with traders and NGT.
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