LG Sinha inaugurates multiple developmental projects in Jammu


Jammu (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], February 11 (ANI): Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), Manoj Sinha on Thursday inaugurated General Bus Stand along with a multilevel car parking cum commercial complex in Jammu worth Rs 213.08 crore.
“Urban renaissance is happening in J&K”, he said during the inauguration.
Sinha termed the opening of the new facility as a step towards comprehensive development of physical, social and basic infrastructure.
Constructed by Jammu Development Authority (JDA), the new facility has a built-up area of around 60,064 sqm, having a parking capacity of 80 Buses in the bus terminal, 1312 cars, 177 two-wheelers and 239 commercial shops, besides dedicated space for restaurants and food courts.
“If I want to define the work that has been going on in the cities of J&K for the last few months, I would say that Urban Renaissance is
“More similar parking will be constructed in Jammu soon. Whether it is the sewerage treatment plant, rainwater harvesting mechanism, it has been taken care of that the scaling up of change and strategy is for long term effect,” he added.
“I am working on two main objectives – Sustainable Development and making Jammu city Self-Reliant. And I want to tell all the citizens of Jammu with great responsibility that I will leave no stone unturned in improving transparency, accountability and service delivery to you”, added the LG.
The LG observed that with the excellent Multi-Level Parking, the facilities are being extended to more areas covering most of the city.
“In the coming days, we are also going to do an IT-based Smart Parking System in Jammu city. With this, around 33 major routes in the city will be developed to facilitate vehicular parking so that traffic jams do not occur, traffic goes smoothly and there is the ease of movement for all,” he said further.
“On the grand festival of India’s 75th Independence Day, state-of-the-art conservation and restoration process of Mubarak Mandi in Jammu and Shergarhi in Kashmir would be completed,” he said.
“For the first time in the history of J&K, a very large and elaborate Industrial Scheme has come up. Along with ambitious investment and economic development, the work on the development of energy and green areas, urban planning, biodiversity, air quality, water management and waste management in Jammu City has been expedited,” added LG Sinha.
“Jammu is being identified as the ‘City of Temples’. It is the identity of the city, said the Lt Governor and called for active citizens’ participation to keep this identity alive,” he observed.
“If anyone asks me about the city of Jammu, I will say, the “City of Bliss, or the Eternally Spiritual City on Earth”, the LG concluded. (ANI)


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