Locals protest against crumbling healthcare system in PoK

Palandri [PoK], Apr 6 (ANI): A large number of protesters took to streets here earlier this week, after law enforcement agencies arrested some youth for raising their voice against the administration after a local died allegedly due to the negligence of doctors and the absence of an adequate healthcare system in the region.
People raised anti-government slogans and sought an immediate release of arrested youth. Local leaders demanded the administration to expeditiously deliver justice, “warning” the authorities with consequences if it continued with “oppressive measures.” “If you want to shoot somebody, shoot us. I want to say this to Superintendent of Police and DC to immediately quash this FIR against the boys and release them. They have just asked for a hospital, nothing more,” a protester said.
“This type of injustice will not be given any space in Palandari. They won’t able to suppress youth the way they want to. They will come out and the establishment and the local administration of Palandari will be responsible for damages occurring due to this,” they added.
Locals have claimed that the hospitals and dispensaries in the region are of negligible benefit to them since doctors are rarely available and those who are there are very few in number.
People are seen swarming and choking the outpatient clinics and emergency rooms where specialist doctors are spare and treatment options limited, the protesters said during the agitation.
They also highlighted that successive governments in the region have traded the blame for the “appalling” healthcare situation.
“We are not some animals. We are humans. You all get treatment Islamabad and other parts of the world. People are being meted out with atrocities and injustice. They don’t do our ultrasound citing power failures. We don’t get the results of our tests. How are we going to receive treatment if there is no proper diagnosis?” another protester said, voicing their disappointment with local administration.
“Seven incidents similar to yesterday’s have happened in the past. We condemn that people are being mistreated instead of receiving treatment. Be dutiful. Do your work. If the working strength of doctors is 22 then all should be available,” the protester further stated.
The people have earlier asked for an expansion to the doctor’s team in the region, but their pleas seem to have been falling on deaf ears.
With no relief in sight for the people who are bearing the brunt of this acute situation, the region can be called one of the least healthcare equipped places. Due to no meaningful response by the government, the people have grown disillusioned, the protesters outlined. (ANI)

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