Myanmar forces kill six suspecting rebel-links

Rakhine [Myanmar], May 3 (ANI): Myanmar security forces shot dead at least six people in the perturbed western state of Rakhine for their alleged links with rebel Arakan Army.
The army also detained nearly 275 people during a search operation to nab the members of the Rebel Army, reported Al Jazeera. Soldiers opened fire at the detained villagers after the latter revolted against the army.
“Villagers were shot dead and eight others were seriously injured,” said Khim Maung Lat, a member of the country’s Upper House of the Parliament.
Meanwhile, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Myanmar Red Cross in a statement said that three “severely injured patients” have been shifted to a hospital.
“The ICRC is concerned about increasing numbers of civilian casualties during the recent weeks, and urge all parties to protect the civilian population in line with International Humanitarian Law,” said Stephan Sakalian, head of delegation in Myanmar for the ICRC.
The Myanmar government came under global scrutiny after about 740,000 Rohingya Muslims fled Rakhine state into Bangladesh.
United Nations, in its investigation, has noted that senior military officers have been indulged in the mass killing gang rapes and arson.
However, the military has denied all the wrongdoing.
The army and Arakan Army, a group that recruits from the mainly Buddhist ethnic Rakhine population, are engaged in a constant confrontation which is keeping entire reason brewing (ANI)

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