National Media Club President and social worker Sachin Awasthi’s Facebook account was hacked

Delhi: Social media is increasing its power day by day and it has gradually become a part of our family, so if your social media account is hacked or its data is stolen, then it can create a big problem in your life.

Something similar has happened with Mr. Sachin Awasthi, president Nation Media Club and social worker , his personal Facebook account has been hacked by someone sitting abroad and all Facebook page data of Nation Media Club has been stolen.

When our team investigated his complaint, we found that Sachin Awasthi’s personal account has been hacked and the admin name has been changed in all his Facebook pages, Sachin Awasthi is not admin of any of his Facebook pages. In such a situation, the risk of spreading rumors has increased from the organizations whose pages have been hacked, Because National Media Club has lakhs of followers in the country, Sachin Awasthi himself is also an international level social worker who recently been awarded the World Humanitarian Award, organised in London.

Sachin Awasthi says that hackers of China or Pakistan are targeting all those social workers of the country who take the task of nation building and follow in the footsteps of Narendra Modi, we request through you to Facebook to kindly provide us access to pages or data of our Facebook pages, otherwise we will start legal proceedings on our behalf against Facebook and anti-national forces.

Let us tell you, Sachin Awasthi’s father is a well-known journalist of country, Shri Ramesh Awasthi and his younger brother Shubham Awasthi also remains the subject of discussion in the media due to his public interest litigations

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