Nationalism & National Security, key issues in Lok Sabha polls: Dr. Anil Jain 

In an exclusive interview with Top Story English daily, he talked with Praveen Attre, Editor and Abhishek Byahut, Senior Correspondent (Politics) over his personal political journey and answered several questions related to upcoming Lok Sabha polls; the leadership of PM Narendra Modi; core political issues such as National Security, Development and Schemes to reform poor people. Even he does not forget to take on opposition on its ‘separatist’ ideology and its threats. 

Bharatiya Janata Party National General Secretary and Rajya Sabha MP Dr Anil Kumar Jain is currently in-charge of BJP’s Haryana and Chhattisgarh units. Dr. Jain, a surgeon by profession, came into politics after getting motivated with the ideology of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Before going for studies to King George’s Medical University, Lucknow, he was associated with the RSS as Karyakarta and witnessed emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi Government in 1975. He had carried out massive protests across Uttar Pradesh for resident doctors and had played a vital role to change 75 years old PG medical education system in UP.


In an exclusive interview with Top Story English daily, he talked with Praveen Attre, Editor and Abhishek Byahut, Senior Correspondent (Politics) over his personal political journey and answered several questions related to upcoming Lok Sabha polls; the leadership of PM Narendra Modi; core political issues such as National Security, Development and Schemes to reform poor people. Even he does not forget to take on opposition on its ‘separatist’ ideology and its threats.



How do you feel about your journey from Firozabad to active politics?

Actually, I was already attached with social service and was working as RSS Karyakarta in Firozabad. Later, I took admission for medical studies in KGMU, Lucknow in 1979. Now I’m also a surgeon by profession. Even before getting medical education, I was keenly interested to become a RSS preacher. Then my friends got selected in the medical entrance but I remained. My elder brother and other members of the family scolded me. Then I took my medical preparation seriously and got selected. When I was in medical college, I struggled hard and worked to change 75-year-old post-graduate medical education system in Uttar Pradesh. I was then President of PPJDA and had started a widespread protest for resident doctors. A huge movement of about 22 million people had also been going on but it could not hit the headlines. I had taken forward the movement of resident doctors that continued for next 70 days and our efforts become fruitful. But there was one thing in our protest that we did not let the hospital close and operated parallel OPD so that the patients did not have problems.


How long have you been associated with RSS? What inspired you to join Sangh?

 I am associated with Sangh since my childhood. I had participated in nationwide Satyagraha against Indira Gandhi before she imposed emergency. I was keen to go jail along with my colleagues but my friends stopped me due to my board exam and they went to jail themselves. I was not feeling good in sports activities. Only patriotism and nationalism talks on those days had been vibrating in my whole body. You can say it was the passion of patriotism. I tried to know about my country and the society from old age people around me who inspired me to join RSS. I had completed my schooling from my home Firozabad and studied Bachelor in Science from Agra University.


What are the core issues on which your party is going to contest Lok Sabha elections? 

The main issue is that we have a leader like PM Narendar Modi, a strong, hard-working and the world’s most popular leader, who possess strong will power, clean image and visionary mission. There is no a single leader in the opposition who is not tented. Many of them are facing cases in ED and CBI. Some of them are out on bail. The biggest question is if not Modi then who? This is the biggest election for the people of the country.

The second main issue is nationalism and security of the county. The respect and dignity of our country is now on peak as it was never before. Today, Indian’s passport is being respected.  Our government has adopted zero tolerance in terms of security and has enhanced the morale of the Indian Army. We have no doubt on the morale of the army but what people (opposition) want to do? They are asking about the evidence of the army’s work. Indeed the bravery of the army should be appreciated.  Question rose over what kind of manifesto they (Congress) have brought? Vote bank politics has been reached at certain downfall that they do not mind even to broke our country and dividing nation just to get votes. Separatist in Kashmir, Maoists and Naxalites in other parts are being flourished and they are not worried. The public is going to teach lession to such political parties who are doing such hate and dividing politics.


People does not know MP and MLA, they cast their votes either on the name of PM Modi or BJP symbol. Party is not having the choice of second line. There are only two prospects in the party – on one side you have-a single man Modi-and on other side-the whole BJP. What is your view? Who do you think can take the PM position after Modi? 

See when you say, who after Modi (in BJP), you need to understand that similar situation was emerged at the time of Atal ji. This is not true that the second line of leadership is not being created. Indeed, when you have a leader, other does not look in its shadow. That is why the question is uncertain who is after Modi.


During the period of Atal ji, many leaders were seen. Today, there is no leader in front of Modi ji?

Modiji’s age is still enough. That is why these questions should be taken-up later. There is no shortage of leadership in Bharatiya Janata Party. It is not necessary to take someone’s name. People are learning and growing up in the guise of Modi ji. Now people are being understood how the country is run, how it should be run. So this question is irrelevant at this time. Our government in last five year tenure has brought many schemes for poor and implemented it as result oriented among each community.

In 2014 Lok Sabha election in Haryana, BJP won 7 seats out of 10 seats. What will happen this time? 

This time, I am sure that our party (BJP) will win all 10 seats. We have no doubt about it.

Jat reservation issue was agitated and gripped in Haryana. Do you not think the polarization of votes on caste basis will harm to your party?

No, this is not a major factor now. Our party talks about the welfare of all castes. Since our government has implemented remarkable amendment in reservation bill this year that provides 10 percent quota to poor. Then the issue of Jat reservation has ended. No one raises this issue anymore. We do politics of all 3600 castes. Those who do politics of a particular caste are in trouble.  That is why we are confident to win all 10 seats.


Why is the government still silent on the National Herald and Robert Vadra in Haryana?


There is no silence. Their bails have been rejected twice by the High Court. They have taken stay order from the Supreme Court. Sonia and Rahul Gandhi are out on the bail. We do not work to take revenge with any people. But they have not been freed. I do not understand that from which mouth these people point out finger on a clean image person. As far as Robert Vadra is concerned, there is a legal process and the court of law is doing its job. We are neither trapping to anyone nor saving.

More importance is being given to the bureaucracy in Haryana rather than the State leaders. Has bureaucracy taken over the power in the state? 

Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has given neat and clean government in Haryana. There is neither Mafia Raaz nor land grabbing in the state now. We have a very down to earth and the most transparent government in Haryana.


Dera Sacha Sauda supported you in the last Lok Sabha election. Later, action was taken on Ram Rahim. Do you think it will impact on coming polls?

Every work is not being done with having viewpoint of votes. Such things are that we should not be weighed in the balance of the vote whether it benefit or loss. We seek votes from all who is voter and citizen of our Country. If you see everything from the point of view to take votes then country and state could not be run. There is a legal system in the state. Court has taken action against him not Bharatiya Janata Party. The government there had tried to enforce the court order to avoid contempt of court. We should be congratulated to Haryana government for this. It should not be questioned by looking at the glasses of the vote.


Do you think, Parivartan Yatra launched by Congress party will affect you?

There will be no affect. There is no meaning of this Yatra….. Which change and whose change they are talking about?


A lot of players are performing well at national and international level in Haryana. What is the BJP’s plan for them?

 The BJP government has made stadiums everywhere in Haryana. The government is also fulfilling all needs for their growths and distributes highest cash prize to winner. We respect our players. They shall bring more and more medals for our country that is our first priorities. The government in Haryana as well as in Centre are giving all support to brighten the futures of payers. Haryana is the most entertaining place for players.

How many seats will the BJP would win in Lok Sabha elections?

I can only say that we are confident to bag more seats than the last time. Last time, the BJP had alone secured 282 seats. This figure will cross 300 this time.



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