NDMC  launches property  tax enterprise resource planning module

The  enterprise resource planning  module collects information of the property in a totally transparent and citizen friendly manner.

New Delhi: The NDMC claims to have  launched state of the art property tax enterprise resource planning (ERP) module for services like self assessment of property tax, mutation, amalgamation and  bifurcation, vacancy remission and  property tax return to serve  citizens in a simple, rapid, responsive, intelligent and efficient manner.

The property tax ERP module has been designed to collect information of the property within its jurisdiction, calculate the tax as prescribed rates of tax, levy and collect tax in a totally transparent and citizen friendly manner.

The services which are part of the module are property assessment based on self assessment by citizens, objection recording, objection hearing, property creation, property modification, property mutation, amalgamation & bifurcation, vacancy remission, property tax return, search & report.

The citizens can view the demand against their property and remit the dues 24×7. They can process mutation as well in similar manner and avail the certificate without any hassle.

The new system will not only help the citizen in terms of making the process of tax calculation and payment smooth, fair and transparent, but will also be of great assistance to the NDMC in reducing the response time and improve revenue collection and thereby serving its citizens in a more efficient manner.


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