Rashtriya Manvadhikar Seva Trust all set to launch a national helpline for women and children in distress

In a press conference held on Monday, Atal Bihari Bajaj, Founder, and President of Rashtriya Manvadhikar Seva Trust told the media persons that this helpline number will be launched on International Human Rights Day on December 10.


New Delhi

While many people lost their lives during the Corona pandemic, many others lost their livelihood. The Rashtriya Manvadhikar Seva Trust (National Human Rights Service Trust), a socially motivated organisation is going to roll out a national helpline to help the underprivileged, suffering, and helpless people of the society.

In a press conference held on Monday, Atal Bihari Bajaj, Founder, and President of Rashtriya Manvadhikar Seva Trust told the media persons that this helpline number will be launched on International Human Rights Day on December 10. This will be a toll-free number that will be available in the coming 15 days. In the meanwhile, the needy people can contact the numbers of the organization. Intellectual members of the trust coming from different regions and backgrounds will help the people. Whether it is to provide legal help to the people or to provide employment-oriented training, the legal cell of the organization will help the people in distress.

Atal Bihari Bajaj, founder, and president of the Rashtriya Manvadhikar Seva Trust said that in today’s era, cases of human rights abuses are on the rise. All such institutions including the government, administration are there to protect the fundamental rights of the people, but they are not concerned with the problems of the common people. Human rights in the country are accomplished by looking at the status of the people, whereas the rights provisioned in the constitution are equal for all. No one is small, big, rich or poor in front of the constitution. But all this seems bookish because even today many people are not aware of their rights. The educated society is also not behind in violating and abusing human rights. Therefore, the Rashtriya Manvadhikar Seva Trust not only wants to reach the last person of the society ensuring them their rights but is ready to do everything possible to protect their interests.


Atal Bihari Bajaj said that the corona epidemic has taken the lives of many people who are left suffering from many problems including the concern of earning a livelihood. The organization is going to give training to those people whose bread earners have died in their families. It is going to start giving vocational training to such women according to their skills. The organization will work towards making them self-reliant by providing training in employment-oriented courses like sewing, embroidery, typing, packing, management for many things.

Chandra Prabha Bhatia, President of the women’s wing of the Rashtriya Manvadhikar Seva Trust, said that in the last one year, due to Corona, there have been many problems in the country. Our organization has always been helping needy women and children. We helped many women even during the Corona period. The organization has trained more than 1000 people in 20 states. She said that due to a lack of information about government schemes, people are not able to take advantage of them. In such a situation, the government efforts also go in vain. The organization is always ready to help such underprivileged, helpless people and women of society.


She said that the central government has launched many schemes for the people suffering from the corona. But those plans are not reaching the ground. This also becomes a matter of human rights. In the last year, many such women came in contact who was helped. The most important thing is that many women are not even aware of the schemes. Therefore the Human Rights Service Trust will make people aware.

The objective of the organization-

The Rashtriya Manvadhikar Seva Trust is a non-political national organization. It was established on July 6, 2021. It has true integrity and faith in the Constitution of the country. All rights, including human rights, child rights, women’s rights, which are enshrined in the constitution, include belief in democracy, secularism, and socialism. The Rashtriya Manvadhikar Seva Trust believes in a system in which the general public can propagate education, peace, and prosperity along with their rights. That is why this public awareness campaign has been started. In this, many intellectuals from 20 states of the country are associated and are making a meaningful effort to bring awareness among the people in this regard. The organization always believes that no meaningful initiative can be successful without the cooperation of the people. There are many agencies established in the country to protect human rights laws, but due to legal complications and flaws in the system, needy people are forced to face a lot of difficulties in their fight for their rights. Many people surrender in front of a weak system without fighting. The Rashtriya Manvadhikar Seva Trust stands with such people. This is the beginning of providing them justice and making people aware of their rights. The journey is very long, this journey will continue till all the people get their rights and justice to the needy people.


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