Situation is intense all over the world; tough to watch: Kohli on coronavirus crisis

New Delhi [India], April 2 (ANI): Indian skipper Virat Kohli on Thursday expressed concerns over the raging coronavirus situation that has swept across the continents.
Kohli joined England batsman Kevin Pietersen in an Instagram Live video session where both the cricketers commented on the prevailing situation. “Yes, we are at home and just trying to get through. It has been difficult, it has been intense all over the world. it is quite tough,” Kohli said in the video.
When Kohli asked Pietersen regarding the situation in the UK, the latter said: “Exactly the same (situation here). We are in complete lockdown but luckily, we do not live in the city so we are not stuck in an apartment. We have space, we have got a garden. It is tragic what is happening.”
The coronavirus pandemic is continuing to wreak havoc all across the globe. More than 44,000 people have died, about 900,000 have been diagnosed with the virus, and some 190,000 have recovered, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University.
“We went away to a farm before everything got intense. so, we have been lucky that we actually have been in decent space… People are just trying to get through it. It is tough to watch,” Kohli stated.
The total number of coronavirus cases in India climbed to 1965 on Thursday after 131 people confirmed positive in the past 12 hours, said the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
At present, there are 1764 COVID-19 active cases in the country and 50 people have died due to the lethal infection. (ANI)

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