Venezuela’s Chief Justice wants Guaido’s parliamentary immunity removed

Caracas [Venezuela], Apr 2 (ANI): Venezuela’s Chief Justice Maikel Moreno has requested to strip National Assembly President Juan Guaido of his parliamentary immunity, alleging that he had violated a travel ban by visiting Colombia in February.
“It is public…that the Supreme Court agreed on measures against citizen Juan Guaido, such as the prohibition from leaving the country without the authorization from this high court, and it is public that Juan Guaido violated this order,” Xinhua quoted Moreno as saying. Guaido proclaimed himself as the President on January 23 and was immediately supported by the United States, which recognises him as the official interim President of the Latin American nation.
The self-proclaimed President was also accused of having inconsistencies in his financial disclosures, according to Anadolu Agency who quoted state comptroller Elvis Amoroso.
Amoroso alleged that Guaido had undertaken 91 international trips since 2015, for which he spent around USD 30 million without accounting for the source of the money.
Embattled President Nicolas Maduro, meanwhile, has refused to step down from his post, despite calls from the international community which sees the previous elections, which Maduro won, as rigged.
Venezuela has been in the throes of a political and economic crisis, worsened by sanctions by the United States on main agencies like the PDVSA.
The South American country was also hit with a blackout, which left 21 out of 23 states without power for days. The Maduro government has alleged that the main Guri hydroelectric power plant was “sabotaged,” blaming the USA and Guaido for it. (ANI)

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