Venus Creme Bar launches #MeraDeshMeriZemmedari campaign

New Delhi [India] April 24 (ANI/NewsVoir): Venus Crème Bar, a quality product from the diversified RSPL group has launched its latest socially-conscious, brand campaign – #MeraDeshMeriZimmedari –  to drive awareness among citizens about their responsibility towards the nation and the value of a single vote.
The socially-conscious message is the result of an extensive, month long, ground-level study and interaction of the company with various stakeholders. The study concluded that while a section of the population is aware and considers voting their fundamental right, a large section is still not entirely aware about exercising their franchise and does not consider a single vote impactful enough.
The television commercial would be aired beginning 19 April, 2019 on all leading satellite TV channels [news and GEC] and is available since 9th April on company’s digital platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter among others.
TVC – Concept and Execution
The 1:45 min duration television commercial in Hindi opens in the living room of a family comprising husband, wife and a kid. The husband while watching a political debate on a news channel complains about irresponsible politicians and their inability to manage the country. To this the wife retorts questioning the responsibility of the husband who’s sitting comfortably on the couch while the entire nation is out voting. The husband is quick to dismiss his wife’s views saying his single vote won’t make any difference at all.
In the follow-up shot, the wife while decking up before the mirror shifts to a different topic and enquires with the husband if he has paid their son’s school fees. The husband replies in the affirmative and asks his wife to check the receipt lying in his laptop bag. She again enquires if he has ordered dad’s medicines; to which he says they would arrive by tomorrow morning.
In the next frame, the wife turns around and asks the husband as to why did he have to do all these tasks. The camera shifts to the kid for a bit, who seems visibly amused with the discussion, before finally focusing on the husband who turns back and replies that it’s his home, family and hence his responsibility.
In the subsequent frame, the wife asks a compelling question that isn’t the nation his home and responsibility as well. She summarizes the entire discussion by stating that every vote counts with the camera focusing on the husband who has a smile on his face and is convinced about the power of his vote. The wife then walks up to the husband with a soothing track playing in the background and asks him to discharge his responsibility as a citizen by voting.
In the concluding shots, the entire family is shown together with the voice over saying – “Vote karna sirfhamara adhikar hi nahin, zimmedari bhi hai. Zimmedari nibhao, kyonki har vote se farq padta hai.” (Voting is not just our right but a responsibility as well. Discharge your responsibility since every vote counts)
“Our latest brand campaign underlines the commitment of RSPL Ltd. and Venus Crème bar to be a responsible corporate citizen. The 17thLok Sabha Elections 2019 is on and the onus is on every citizen to vote and make an impact. With the core message of #MeraDeshMeriZimmedari,  our TVC aims to drive awareness among citizens  about their responsibility towards the nation, the power of  a single vote and  encourages them to exercise their franchise”, said Rahul Gyanchandani, Joint Managing Director, RSPL Ltd.
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